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Corrine Brown Calls for Congressional Action on Gun Safety

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Corey Bradford, Campaign Manager | Phone: (407) 553-6362 | Email:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 25, 2022 Corrine Brown Calls for Congressional Action on Gun Safety Former Congresswoman Decries Supreme Court Decision, Urges Public to Vote for Safety Orlando, Florida – Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown issued the following statement in response to Thursday’s Supreme Court decision in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen case. That case centers on a New York state law requiring anyone who wants a license to carry a concealed handgun to show “proper cause”: “On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court ignored more than 100 years of judicial precedent and deprived states of their right to implement reasonable gun regulations to protect their citizenry. Gun owners can now be armed in public at all times; this partisan and ideological Supreme Court is effectively turning back the clock and taking us back to the days of the Wild, Wild West. I fear this ruling will lead directly to more gun crimes and more gun violence. Congress must do all it can to protect existing safeguards and devise new laws to get these guns off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods. “States that have weaker gun laws have significantly more gun-related deaths per capita; that’s a fact. Protecting the lives of Americans is not in conflict with our Second Amendment rights; the two should go hand-in-hand. Most states have already passed meaningful safety measures, including many prohibitions on conceal and carry. That’s why I am calling on all of the Republicans who are so quick to speak out in favor of ‘state’s rights’ to speak out for the rights of states to protect the lives of their residents. “I was proud to have helped put 100,000 police officers on our nation’s streets and to help pass the 1994 federal assault weapons ban as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. That law saw the number of deaths from mass shootings decline while the law was in place. In fact, the decade the law was in effect saw lower average annual rates of both mass shootings and deaths resulting from such incidents than before the ban’s inception. “We must do better. I served in Congress six years ago when 49 lives were lost in the Pulse nightclub shooting right here in Orlando. I saw firsthand the devastation these weapons can do. That’s why I’m urging Congress to enact comprehensive background check laws like those passed by the House last year as well as the Protecting Our Kids Act and the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act it approved earlier this month. Yes, the Senate’s recent bipartisan gun-safety law is a small step forward, but it is not nearly enough. Congress must strengthen gun laws whenever and wherever it can.”

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