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Corrine Brown Issues Statement on Court Striking Down Roe v. Wade

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Corey Bradford, Campaign Manager | Phone: (407) 553-6362 | Email:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 25, 2022 Corrine Brown Issues Statement on Court Striking Down Roe v. Wade Former Congresswoman Sees Right to Privacy Under Siege, Urges Public to Fight Back Orlando, Florida – Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center case: “The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a half century of judicial precedent and strike down Roe v. Wade is not only deeply disappointing but is nothing less than a ruthless attack on our constitutionally protected freedoms. This ruling will deprive hundreds of thousands of women across the country of the freedom to make one of the most personal of health decisions. “This decision shows how easily hard-fought rights can be taken away and clearly demonstrates our need to be ever-vigilant in protecting and defending our civil and constitutional rights. For the first time in our great nation’s history, daughters will have had fewer rights than their mothers. Making matters worse, as is so often the case, the people who will suffer the most are those who are among the most economically challenged – people of color, new immigrants, and indigenous peoples. “The Court’s decision to deprive women of their right to choose is, I believe, just another step by a partisan, ideological court to undermine Americans’ right to privacy. It is not merely deeply disappointing; it is downright disgraceful to watch conservative ideologues blithely disregard decades of judicial precedent in pursuit of their narrow and unpopular ideological goals. “I call on the U.S. Senate to join the House of Representatives in immediately passing the Women’s Health Protection Act to safeguard a woman’s right to choose. Today’s decision by the Court is nothing less than a tragedy; it would be even worse if we were to ignore the very real threat to our basic human rights that this decision signals. I ask the people of the greater Orlando region to join me in fighting to codify a woman’s right to choose and to protect and defend the many other civil and constitutional rights that are today under siege. We cannot rest until our hard-won freedoms and rights are codified into law.”

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